Career Training

Structured Training Classes

We offer a structured training program designed to teach everything from prospecting to listing strategies. The course meets every Tuesday and Friday mornings. Agents in this class must enroll with the Broker.

Third Thursday Call

The Third Thursday of every month our Broker holds a conference call from 12:00 to 1:00. The call aims to discuss everything from compliance regulations to company updates. Some months we have guest speakers and others we discuss industry trends and changes.

Continuing Education

Sellect provides CE opportunities randomly through out the year. Our friends in the industry come to the office to present to our agents. Sellect Realty incurs the cost of this training to make it free to our agents.

Broker One-on-One

Our Broker makes hour-long appointments on request of any agent, for any reason. Meetings can be for picking up a paycheck, or strategizing over a contract.

Online Tutorials

All software provided by Sellect features excellent technical support, built-in on-demand training and great articles. Additionally, our agent portal features great information accessible by a quick search in the menu bar.

Agent Help Desk

For expedited service, Sellect Realty has three agents trained to maintain our Agent Help Desk, an online solution portal to keep track of all support tickets.